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Practical information

Badges and Uniforms


Members of the Lieutenancy will usually wear distinctive badges of office when they carry out official duties so that they can be easily recognised.

The Lord-Lieutenant wears an enamelled badge depicting the Tudor rose surmounted by a crown outlined with pearls, attached to a bow of white and magenta (the Lieutenancy colours).

Male Lord-Lieutenants wear a formal dark blue uniform in a military style, with a cap, sword in a steel scabbard and a sash in the Lieutenancy colours.

Deputy Lieutenants performing duties on behalf of the Lord-Lieutenant wear an enamelled badge.


Invitations to the Lord-Lieutenant

Invitations for the Lord-Lieutenant to attend an event should be sent to the Lieutenancy Officer.  If the Lord-Lieutenant is unable to accept your invitation the Lieutenancy Office may arrange for her to be represented by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant. 

For more details on the sort of events that the Lord-Lieutenant might attend and other ways in which she can provide support, please click here to go to the Activities and Engagements page. 


Arranging a visit

When a visit has been confirmed the host will be sent an engagement form that should be returned three weeks before the date of the visit.  This provides the member of the Lieutenancy who is making the visit with important practical information and briefing material.  The Lieutenancy officer may also visit the venue or organisation to discuss the arrangements.


A complete guide to etiquette and protocol is available by clicking here. [link]  When a visit is confirmed the Lieutenancy Office will also be happy to send a copy to the organisers.  The following is a brief summary of the most important points.



The Lord-Lieutenant (and her Deputy Lieutenants) represents His Majesty The King, and should therefore be received with a similar level of protocol as any member of the Royal Family.  However while some level of formality is unavoidable, this should not detract from the particular nature of an event, and the Lord-Lieutenant always prefers engagements to be as relaxed as possible.  The Lieutenancy Office is always happy to provide practical advice about this.

  • A reserved and clearly marked car parking space should always be arranged.

  • The Lord-Lieutenant or Deputy should always be met on arrival by the host and escorted throughout the visit.

  • The Lord-Lieutenant (or her Deputy) always takes precedence over other civic guests.

  • Printed material that refers to the Lord-Lieutenant should always be approved by the Lieutenancy Office.

  • Forms of address

       In conversation – Lord-Lieutenant or Lady Emma

       Written – Lady Emma Barnard, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant                     of West Sussex

       Salutation – Dear Lord-Lieutenant

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