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The Elizabeth Cross

The Elizabeth Cross was created in 2008 to provide national recognition for the families of armed forces personnel who have died in operations or as a result of an act of terrorism.  It is granted to the families who have lost loved ones in conflicts dating back to 1948, in the following categories:

  • Those who died from whatever cause whilst serving on a medal earning operation (those in which deployed personnel received a campaign medal, GSM of OSM which demonstrated the risk and rigour involved).  Operations where a UN, NATO or other international body or other nations’ campaign medal was accepted in the absence of a UK medal also qualify.

  • Those who died as a result of an act of terrorism where the available evidence suggests that the service person, whether on or off duty, was targeted because of his or her membership of the UK Armed Forces.

  • Those who died on a non-medal earning operational task where death was caused by the inherent high risk of the task.

  • Those who died a subsequent and premature death as a result of an injury or illness attributed to the circumstances outlined above.


The Elizabeth Cross is not a posthumous medal for the fallen, but an emblem that recognises the unique challenges that service personnel face on operations and from terrorism. It demonstrates tangible national recognition for Service families for their loss and sacrifice.


For more information about eligibility and how to apply please click here to go to the Ministry of Defence website.

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