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Royal visits

The King and other members of the Royal Family make almost 3,000 visits throughout the United Kingdom annually, and each year the

Lord-Lieutenant welcomes several members of the Royal Family to West Sussex. 

A Royal visit is a memorable way of celebrating the work of an organisation or community or to mark a historic or special occasion.  Every Royal visit is different, but they are always very special events that live long in the memory of those take part.

Royal visits can take many forms but typically may involve a tour of an organisation and in particular the chance to meet key people who are closely involved in its work or activity.  Members of the Royal Family may open new buildings or facilities, or present awards.  Sometimes they will

visit simply to recognise an important achievement or project.

How to invite a member of the Royal Family

If you are thinking of inviting a member of the Royal Family, please contact the Lieutenancy Officer [email] on 01243 777951 at the earliest opportunity

to discuss your plans.  He will be happy to advise on which member of the Royal Family might be most appropriate, as well as timing and format, and will provide a Royal Visit Bid Form for you to complete.  This should be returned to the Lieutenancy Office who will then contact the relevant Royal household.  Please note that all Royal households have strict diary planning cycles that vary between them.  For this reason you are strongly advised to contact the Lieutenancy Officer at the earliest opportunity.

Royal visits frequently include two or three venues within one day and the Lieutenancy Officer will be able to advise whether this may be the case.

If your bid is successful you will normally be informed by the Lieutenancy Officer.  He will then arrange to visit you for an initial planning meeting at which the outline programme for the visit can be discussed in more detail.  A timed programme detailing key participants and activities will then be drafted to be forwarded to the relevant Royal office.  A planning recce will take place several weeks before the visit involving a member of the Royal planning team, the police and the Lieutenancy Officer.

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