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Royal Protocol

The following is a brief guide to protocol during a Royal visit.  The most important point to remember is to remain relaxed and to enjoy the rare privilege of a Royal visit.




The form of dress will be notified by the Lieutenancy Office.  

Usually it will be:

  • Gentlemen – lounge suits (with medals if appropriate).

  • Ladies – day dress.  Hats are not generally worn on working visits.


When being presented to a Royal Visitor, gentlemen should respond with a bow from the neck and ladies should curtsey, although a ‘bob’ for the ladies is perfectly acceptable.




On first being introduced to the Royal visitor, you should address them as Your Majesty or Your Royal Highness.


During any subsequent conversation you should address female Royal Visitors as Ma’am (to rhyme with ‘jam’), and male Royal Visitors as Sir.


Shaking Hands


If, on being presented, one of the Royal Visitors offers their hand, then you should shake it.  If not, please do not offer yours.

HRH The Countess of Wessex visits Sage H
Duchess of Gloucester Goring 2015.jpg
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